Pre-Ballet Student Expectations

Pre-Ballet Class Expectations
To maintain a creative learning and distraction free environment we ask that students and their families follow these guidelines:
• Child uses restroom before arriving for class.
• Child arrives on time ready to dance in correct dress code, covered by street clothes, and hair safely secured.
• Child capable of remaining in class without a parent/guardian present. Until the child is ready to independently enter the building, please remain with them and if necessary, provide comfort and encouragement.
• Child capable of listening to and following simple instructions. Example: Remain in circle, not hang on ballet barres, keep hands to themselves, ask permission to leave studio, keep mask on for duration of class, etc.
• Child capable of independently using restroom. Please practice your child taking off and putting on dance wear.

OBT School may ask your child to try a future session if they do not demonstrate the readiness necessary for classes.

Class Observation
Years of teaching experience inform us that it is best for students when their parents/guardians do not observe class. Student focus and creative freedom are at their best in a quiet setting of only fellow students and the teacher. Opportunities for observation are scheduled at the end of each term. If the child cries or resists joining class, it is recommended they enroll in a future term.